Unique Date Ideas for Unique Seattle Singles

Unique dating ideas for Seattle singles

Single in Seattle

Being single in Seattle can feel challenging at times. One of the challenges many Seattle singles feel comes from trying to think outside the “coffee date” box. Even though our city may be known for its coffee stops and cozy shops, that doesn’t mean you can’t look for more unique date ideas. As a premiere matchmaking service in Bellevue, Straight to the Heart loves helping Seattle singles think of fresh, unique and romantic date ideas. If you’re looking for a way to truly wow your Seattle date, let us help:

Nature Minutes from the City

For many singles getting a taste of the great outdoors is often high on their list of activities they want to do. Finding the time to do this, however, is often another thing entirely. But before you start making excuses on why beautiful nature trails are too far from the city, be sure to take a closer look. The spectacular Botanical Gardens is a community treasure!  It is 53 acres of cultivated gardens, restored woodlands, and natural wetlands.  Mark your calendars now for the very popular “Garden d’Lights” that run November 26th though December 31st 2016.  This is where there is over 1/2 million lights which transform these gardens into a winter wonderland making it quite a romantic and creative date night. Looking for a date closer to Seattle? Discovery Park is only 7miles from downtown Seattle and is a vast landscape perfect for a picnic or stunning sunset sightings. For any Seattle single looking for a unique date idea, don’t forget the natural wonders right at your doorstep.

Exploring the Waterways

You don’t have to be in Seattle or Bellevue for long to quickly realize we are surrounded by breathtaking water. Everywhere you look you can’t help but catch astonishing vistas, whether you’re seeing a glimpse of the Sound through Seattle’s skyscrapers or you’re watching the sunset across Lake Washington from Bellevue. So for Seattle singles we love reminding you to take advantage of these spots – get out on the water! If you’re a Seattle single looking for a way to bring out the playfulness in your date, consider paddle boarding or even renting a few kayaks on Lake Union.  With the Space Needle as your backdrop and Gas Works Park on the horizon, this activity is guaranteed to get your heart racing.  Just a word of caution, we do not recommend these activities as a first date.

When it comes to being a single in Seattle, WA you may feel like the only date destination you may have is at the local coffee shop. After all, there are probably a dozen coffee shops right in your neighborhood! Meeting up for a coffee date can work well for a first introduction.  Although for the Seattle single who has moved onto the third or fourth date or beyond, we encourage you to explore your own backyard, there are endless opportunities for beauty and connections right here at home. Need some more inspiration? Get in touch with our team at Straight to the Heart for more creative date ideas.  They would love to help out!

Created by: Cathie Wager