Three Dating do’s and don’ts for Single Men:

Dating do’s and don'ts for Single Men

Dating for Single Men

Today most men find themselves living a fast paced lifestyle with limited and precious time to date.  Throw in the fact that dating can lead to all kinds of tricky situations, and some men may shy away from dating altogether! Men need and want a few Do’s and Don’ts on how to navigate this process.  Follow the brief list I’ve complied and dating will become a little less complicated.

Do keep an open mind. This means, that magic chemistry doesn’t always happen immediately! Most women are very nervous on their first couple of dates so they are not themselves. If you have an attraction for her, don’t rule her out until after the 3rd date. There are many couples who end up together who didn’t have the initial fireworks on the first date!

Do use your manners and show your date what a gentleman you are. Women pay close attention, so please pull out her chair, open the door for her, offer your jacket if it is chilly outside. These tiny gestures are huge for a woman. It is demonstration of respect.

Do put more thought into making a second date than just dinner. When sitting down for dinner, you naturally end up interviewing one another. Make plans to do an activity that you both will enjoy. For instance, a wine walk, bowling, comedy night, outdoor movie night, wine and paint bar… Something that is a little different that will bring out her fun and flirty side! For more ideas visit us on Facebook.

Don’t have a “specific look” in your mind that you are looking for. You may be surprised how many different “looks” you can be attracted to. It will only narrow your selection.

Don’t talk about ex’s, politics, religion on the first date. As a matchmaker, I have to remind singles of this all the time. It may be tempting, but keep things light and fun for the first time meeting one another.

Don’t over text! Please, call her when asking her out for a date. Don’t get me wrong, texting can be fun when you are first dating, but mix it in with the old fashioned phone call as well. Singles are more inclined to text something fun and sexy than say it out loud, so go ahead and text it, but do it in good taste. When you doubt if you should text it…..don’t text it. And please, don’t text, when you’ve been drinking. It usually ends up turning off a woman.

And there you have it.  You’re very own dating do’s and don’ts for Single Men.