You want a successful first date or first encounter? Go sit on a barstool with your date instead of a traditional table. Why you ask?? At a traditional table you feel like you are interviewing one another. At a bar stool it’s parallel interaction which men can relate to more, which in turn makes them more comfortable, which in turn makes things easier and more fun and successful for both of you. Sitting at a bar stool instantly creates a flirty and fun atmosphere where you can touch one another and feel an intimacy that you don’t find at a traditional table setting.

I have had success with this in my own dating. As some of you know, I am just as awkward as anyone else about dating, but for some reason the bar sets a whole different vibe for me. A casual, no expectations vibe where you are just having fun getting to know someone. It just removes a lot of that pressure for me.

A favorite of mine is Bottle and Bull in Kirkland. They make hand crafted cocktails. This simply means that you can watch them as they make these masterful concoctions. Or, like I do, ask them to surprise you! This gives you and your date something fun to talk about an watch while you are having fun getting to know one another.

I know several successful stories where they met one another at a bar. Some even where the women made the first move, and many years later they are still happily married.