If you’re a single man looking to find your ideal woman use these 3 Top Tips to Ensure Success

Single men find your ideal woman today!

If you’re a single man looking to find your ideal woman use these 3 Top Tips to Ensure Success

Whether you have been dating for a long time, or you are returning to the scene, remember that searching for the love of your life is a journey.  There are several things to be mindful of during this most important phase of your life.  I won’t go into them all on this particular blog, but I do want to share 3 that are crucial.  They are:

Know yourself.

Prior to looking for your dream partner, make sure you have a good read on yourself.  You can’t evaluate someone’s compatibility before realizing who you are first.  Check your moral compass.  Ask yourself if you are willing to work on personal growth.  Do you have a healthy self-esteem?  A women’s top turn-on in a man is confidence…without being cocky, of course!  Being confident with who you are is very sexy and you will most likely attract women who are as well.

Be selective.

I’m a believer that dating is not a huge numbers game.  There is no point to date countless women if they aren’t in line with your core values, goals, and lifestyle.  Don’t waste your time and theirs. Once you are confident on who you are, take time to think about your top 5 critical must have qualities you are looking for along with your top 5 deal breakers.  I have found this exercise a powerful one for both my male and female clients.  Believe it or not, It is trickier than you think to narrow the categories down to just five!

Pace yourself.

I often share this with my male clients simply because guys fall for women quicker than women fall for guys.  If you are dating for the purpose of wanting a long term commitment, be patient.  Love takes time.  Don’t go into it looking to see if they are marriage material on the first three dates, your energy you put out can actually turn off a woman.

Relax and enjoy the dating process, you need to recognize that it is a journey.  You may even be surprised how much you will learn about yourself!

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