Single in Seattle During the Holidays

Single in Seattle

Not single in Seattle for long!

Single in Seattle should be fun and busy! Many people are surprised when I tell them my busiest time of year for Seattle matchmaking is during the holiday season. Most individuals assume that matchmaking would be at its peak during the summer months. However, if you really stop and think about why the holidays are full of singles looking for love, it makes complete sense.

The holidays can be tough as a single due to the immense pressure to attend company parties, family get-togethers, and other such events. In fact, I often hear from Seattle singles that they feel more pressure during the holidays than any other time of the year to find a significant other. Our society romanticizes the holiday season through media, and marketing. Everywhere we look, starting in early October through Single’s Awareness Day, there is another ad, movie, book, etc. that is pushing the concept that all singles want and need to find love. This romanticizing of a particular season amplifies the cons of being single and in turn can cause some singles to collapse under the pressure and settle for the wrong person.

Singles! I would like to persuade you to change your mind frame and look at the holidays as an occasion to possibly find the love of your life. As I previously stated, during this time of year many of us are inundated by invitations to parties and events. My advice is to accept all holiday invitations because you never know whom you will meet. The holidays provide an ideal change in pace. It can automatically get you out of your personal comfort zone and perhaps open the door for you to meet “The One”. Therefore, why not take advantage of all that is being offered to you? Capitalize on the opportunities presented. This holiday season I want to stop this madness of settling for Mr. or Mrs. Wrong and encourage all singles to make this the best holiday season ever!

Singles Events Seattle

Single in Seattle

Single in Seattle should be fun!

Use the following tips to make this holiday season a successful and most importantly fun one! Now is a great time for singles events Seattle. Instead of bringing a date that you may be settling for, bring a single friend. You never know, both of you may just find love!

Use the opportunity of being single to mingle with everyone at the party. Meet up with old friends that are home for the holidays and you haven’t seen in a while. Have fun kissing under the mistletoe with other singles!

Being single means you may have more time and money to treat yourself to something special. Book a massage, a spa day, something just for you!

Catch up on the latest flick in theaters. Go shopping for yourself. Pick yourself out something that makes you feel and look great! Arrange a gift exchange with your other single friends. It’s a great excuse for everyone to hang out at someone’s home or at a fun restaurant. Make single in Seattle fun during this holiday! Have fun and good luck!

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