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Straight to the Heart is an exclusive 100% offline matchmaking firm for relationship-oriented singles.  Our demographic are quality professionals who generally reside on the Eastside and Greater Seattle Area. **Please note: We have recently expanded to include the Pacific Northwest.

Our Ideal Male Client: Straight to the Heart was created for the professional bachelor who places a priority on finding the woman of his dreams.  Our perfect male client is the guy that doesn’t have a problem getting dates, he just has a hard time getting the RIGHT dates.  He recognizes the value of teaming up with a certified expert in the dating and matchmaking industry.  He loves the enjoyment and efficiency of the process and thinks of us as his personal executive headhunter for his heart!  Concierge services included.  Our single male clients ages range between 27-65.

Our Ideal Female Client: Our female member is a beautiful woman inside and out who is both confident and sexy.  She is positive, intelligent, fun, active, and flirty who desires a relationship oriented man.  Our single female members ares range between 27-55.

Wing Woman

As single men use online dating sites more and more, their in-person pick up techniques may get a little rusty.  A ‘Wing Woman” will help you meet any woman in a variety of social situations.  The Wing Woman handles all of the discomfort of breaking the ice for you, she becomes your first class ticket to meeting women who you may not otherwise approach.  For a fee, we pose as platonic friends and land you a date plus some extra confidence.

Online Dating Makeovers

  • Does your online dating ad attract the right people for you?
  • Are you on the right dating app for your personality/lifestyle/age and relationship goal?
  • Meet with Peggy in person.  She will review, discuss and suggest simple yet impactful ways to greatly improve your online dating profile.  This allows you to attract the singles you are desiring!

Single in Seattle

Dating and Relationship Coaching

Uniquely tailored to your specific needs to promote success in finding your true love!

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing yourself for your true love.  I truly feel an individual needs to love themselves and accept who they are emotionally, spiritually, and physically prior to committing to a healthy long term relationship.  I provide impactful tools catered just for you to assist you in our personal journey.
  • Attracted to the wrong type over and over again??? I am able to identify unhealthy relationship patterns so the cycle can finally be broken.
  • Are you an avoider or find yourself anxious in a relationship?  This is more common than you think.  I identify what may be holding you back from receiving true unconditional love from a partner.  Or why you may become anxious worrying about your partner loving you in return.
  • Do you feel intimidated by the dating scene?  I will share useful tips from what to wear, how to tastefully flirt, the do’s and don’ts of texting, plus what turns men/women on!