Seattle Matchmaking Quiz – Men, are you ready for love?

Click on the link below for a quick 10 question quiz to confirm you are truly ready for love!  This quiz is very brief, so of course it doesn’t address everything, but gets you into the right mind set.

Personally, after research and my own experience, the most VITAL thing a single needs before entering a new “healthy” relationship, is self love and acceptance.  It sounds silly, or maybe obvious to some, but you would be surprised on how many individuals are still working towards this.  In order to attract a “mentally healthy” single, you need to be mentally healthy yourself.  After a divorce or a bad breakup, it is advised that you take time to repair yourself.  This means, spending time on your own, being reflective and rediscovering who you are.  If you were in a long relationship, you may find out that your tastes have changed over the years.  Who you were attracted to ten years ago is not the same kind of person you would be attracted to today.  Another great idea especially for the New Year is to add something new and different to your routine. Many singles get into specific practices and forget to think about doing things a little outside the box for themselves.  Sign up for a class, start a new hobby or sport.  This can increase your confidence, and give you more interesting First Date Topics to chat about.  Who knows…you may even meet a new friend!Seattle Matchmaking Quiz from Straight to the Heart

I love quotes, so here are a couple of my most favorites:

To acquire love, fill yourself up with it until you become a magnet”.  –Charles F. Haanel

Real Men Don’t Love the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, They Love the Woman who Can Make their World the Most Beautiful.”   –Anonymous

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