Why personalized matchmaking would work for you

Matchmaking is a highly personalized service and I feel that it is only fair for me to give you a glimpse of who I am. Matchmaker

Last fall, after 20 years of marriage, I re-entered the “single” world. I am now able to practice what I preach! (I’m trying my hardest anyway, ha!).  Currently, I am single just like you. It is the most humbling, incredible and insightful time of my life. I am so thankful every day that I have the privilege to do what I am so passionate about.

I feel that with my personal history (which is for a future blog) I can set myself apart from other matchmakers because of my intuitiveness, compassion and desire to:

  1. Ensure that you are actually indeed ready for a long term romantic relationship.
  2. Clarify the qualities you are looking for in a partner and that bring out the best in you (beyond physical).
  3. Illuminate the uniqueness YOU bring to the table. We are always so focused about what we want.

Well, how about thinking about and writing down the unique qualities you can offer your future soulmate? These are thoughtful and insightful discussions that you won’t get by online dating.

As far as my personality style… I am the type that gets along and can identify with all personalities. I truly love people, which is why I am in this business. I am described as warm, inviting, passionate, 100% non-judgmental, yet direct and straight forward. For this reason, I named my business “Straight to the Heart” People tell me I make them feel comfortable immediately because I am laid back and genuine.

Doing what I am passionate about has grown into the demand of “Coaching”. Some refer to me now as the “Love Doctor”. Being one of the few Certified Matchmakers in the area allows me to provide coaching as well. I am thrilled to have expanded my Straight to the Heart Matchmaking to offer additional services. The one I am most excited about is: “How to Manifest your Soulmate-Bootcamp Style” Some are a little apprehensive about coaching but once they start they wonder why they ever waited as it has changed their lives!  More information HERE.

I have always been fascinated by love, including the psychology of it, ever since I was 13 years old, if you can believe that! I began my “self-help” library at that time. Coincidentally, that is when I met my first love! My mother tells me that she remembers my 5th grade teacher saying I would make a great social worker because I was able to connect with others so easily, and always wanted to help people. Well, as you can tell I didn’t become a social worker, but surprising many of those innate skills transfer over to the love industry. I regard myself as a life time learner and love to consume information where ever I can get it on the topic of love. I read endless articles and videos, I interview happily married couples who have been married 50 years, and I observe a couple on their first date. I will never tire from learning about love!

I love being able to bring out the very best in people. Whether it is helping someone work on the inside such as coaching or on the outside such as a makeover. My life background, as one would expect, plays into not only who I am today but also how I am able to work with people searching for love. Straight to the Heart is able to provide concierge style services from closet editing, to full on make overs from eyeglasses to footwear. For what my team and I can’t do I have business contacts that I work closely with so you name it we can make it happen, from clothing stylists to hair stylists and personal trainers.

As you can see, I truly love people and their stories! Thus matchmaking is a natural fit. Being able to set up two people, and be a by stander while they connect and create a life together is like no other feeling! I say it all the time…I LOVE what I do.