For Seattle’s Gentlemen

Are you tired of haphazard dating?  Straight to the Heart works for you the bachelor. Whether you have never been married, are divorced, or widowed. You hire us to find the woman of your dreams. Just like you obtain an attorney or a financial adviser for certain facets in your life. You enlist Straight to the Heart because we are experts in the dating and matchmaking industry.

As a successful professional, you have a lot to offer, and we recognize that it can be very challenging and time consuming to find someone of equal caliber for you. If it is time for true love in your life you have come to the right place!

Peggy becomes the executive headhunter for your heart! Offering a discreet and confidential service that streamlines the process and assists you in finding a meaningful and loving partnership. Straight to the Heart clients are always agreeing with Peggy when she says that finding love is a journey. Not only do they learn whom they are most compatible with, but they also learn about themselves.  Both of which are invaluable.   Let Peggy and her team at Straight to the Heart take that journey with you!

Our Matchmaking Process

red1We make it easy for you!  Our Lead Matchmaker, Peggy personally conducts a unique and insightful interview which includes finding out your relationship goals and desires.

red2Peggy actively searches our Straight to the Heart database of amazing members to find just the right potential matches.  We also offer a personalized Executive Search that is conducted outside our network.

red3Once we have selected and screened a suitable match, we provide concierge services, and coordinate your introductions so that you don’t have to.

red4 To ensure successful dates, we ask for a 24hour post-date feedback from both parties.  This is a crucial step because it helps us refine what you are desiring in a future mate.

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