The Power of Barstools

You want a successful first date or first encounter? Go sit on a barstool with your date instead of a traditional table. Why you ask?? At a traditional table you feel like you are interviewing one another. At a bar stool it’s parallel interaction which men can relate to more, which in turn makes them more comfortable, which in turn makes things easier and more fun and successful for both...

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Fall in Love Again with a matchmaker in Seattle

Straight to the Heart: Your Chance to Fall in Love Again If you find yourself rarely finding the time to get out and socialize, let alone find your soulmate, you are not alone. Many of us are incredibly busy in our daily lives and can hardly fit everything that already needs to happen into the few hours of each week. However, as advancements in the digital realm have pushed the dating world more...

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Why personalized matchmaking would work for you

Why personalized matchmaking would work for you Matchmaking is a highly personalized service and I feel that it is only fair for me to give you a glimpse of who I am.  Last fall, after 20 years of marriage, I re-entered the “single” world. I am now able to practice what I preach! (I’m trying my hardest anyway, ha!).  Currently, I am single just like you. It is the most humbling, incredible and...

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About Me

Peggy Bennett is the founder of Straight to the Heart Matchmaking, an exclusive matchmaking agency. As a native and growing up in Bellevue, Peggy has a natural instinct and passion for interpersonal relationships. Straight to the Heart brings Seattle’s busy professional singles together in a more personal and discreet way.