Bellevue Dating: A night out in Bellevue

Bellevue has become a metropolitan city all its own. Whether you are like me who is a Bellevue native or just flying in to visit, you will not miss the ever growing skyline. So if you feel like having a night out on the town, you no longer need to head into Seattle.  Bellevue offers 5 star restaurants, hotels, nightlife, coffee shops, shopping and out of the ordinary date spots. So I decided to share a list of just a few of my favorite Bellevue hot spots so you can enjoy them as well!

Bellevue Coffee:

If you are searching for a java spot for a casual first date, want to grab coffee with a friend, colleague, my first choice for a coffee shop is “The French Bakery.” My favorite location is located downtown Bellevue in the Elements Building. On a beautiful day, there is outdoor seating to enjoy, which is always a bonus! Their pastries are made fresh every single morning. There is one type of bread that takes 48 hours to make! Plus, any surplus is donated to Hopelink at the end of each day.

Bellevue Restaurants:

Searching for a Bellevue restaurant can seem overwhelming, so I thought I would share a couple of my personal faves. I love “Black Bottle Postern! It has a cool Seattle vibe to it and it is always full but never too loud that you can’t have a conversation. They not only have an extensive wine and beer selection, the food is delicious too. Two of my favorite tapes are the Pear Gorgonzola Flatbread and Broccoli Blast. The restaurant itself has a very laid back-cool vibe. They accept reservations.

If you are in the mood for a cozy and hip venue, head to “Lot #3”. It is connected to “Purple Wine Café”. It has limited seating but I love it for a kick back environment. For those who want less carbs than the comfort menu provides, you can order anything from the Purple Wine Café. You just need to ask your server. Lot #3 also serves a great brunch for those midmorning dates.

“520 Bar & Grillis another favorite of mine when wanting one of those cool neighborhood bars. It is located on “Old Main St.” (Which isn’t too old anymore!) One can always count on great food and friendly service. They have opened up their outdoor sections which includes some seating out front. Whether going on a casual date, or catching up with friends over a shared desert and cocktails, you can never go wrong with 520 Bar & Grill. Make sure to stroll down Old Main afterwards to check out all their new makeover!

Out of the ordinary Bellevue Dating:

For a fun date night in Bellevue, check out the The Parlour or Lucky Strike. These are great spots for couples. (I just wouldn’t recommend it for your 1st date because I believe in the short and sweet formula) The Parlour has live comedy nights which is somewhat rare on the Eastside. You can order cocktails and snacks while enjoying stand-up. How fun is that?!? It is also a great test to see if you and your date share similar sense of humor!

Lucky Strike is a super fun activity that I especially like! It is a swanky bowling alley/bar. Perfect for a 2nd or 3rd date to see what they are like in an out of the ordinary environment.  It brings out your flirty, playful and competitive side! Which is a good way to see if you really click. Important: Be sure to make lane reservations ahead of time. This can be done online.

For those of you who are not bowlers, and not in the mood for comedy, or just want a more relaxed yet fun evening, Tavern Hall is another great place to stop by to bring out your playful side. I especially love their Moscow Mules plus they have 4 shuffleboard tables and darts for added fun.

Music lovers should check out “Bakes Place”. They have live music almost every night. Plenty of seating, plus they open their outside seating in the warmer months. Can you tell I love to enjoy the outdoors in Seattle when it’s nice out? ☺

This is just a sampling of what Bellevue offers, Bellevue Dating should be fun. It is a vibrant city that is continually growing, including the “W” Boutique Hotel opening in summer of 2017.  It’s hard to believe that when my family lived in Bellevue in the 60’s, my dad only had to one stop sign (Denny way) on his commute to his office in Seattle!!  So next time you are heading out for a night on the town, or just want a fun adventure check out what Bellevue has to offer!

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